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Colour correcting old microblading and micropigmentation

Do you have old eyebrow tattoos that have faded to blue, grey or red? Are you wondering whether they can be fixed? The answer is yes; colour correction is a great way to cover up old permanent makeup pigments that have faded unattractively.

old eyebrow tattoo
Old PMU tattoo

We are seeing more and more clients coming in with faded results of microblading or micropigmentation that have turned red, blue-greyish, green, or purple. One option for this problem is laser or saline removal (which we also offer), but colour correction with permanent makeup pigments is an alternative.

Why do permanent makeup pigments change colour?

Cosmetic tattooing has come a very long way since the heavy looking brow and lip liner tattoos of the '70s, '80s and '90s. The new micropigmentation pigments are excellent because they fade over time and often become virtually invisible if you decide not to have regular touch-ups.

But, the fading process is affected by numerous factors, and even the most experienced artists can't always predict the result.

The most common causes of pigments changing colour are:

  1. Technique - if the pigment is implanted too deep into the skin, the colour is likely to turn blue/grey.

  2. Colour matching - the colour must be chosen carefully while considering the client's skin undertone. A client's ethnicity is another factor to consider – immune systems of different ethnic groups can interact with pigments in different ways.

  3. Pigment quality - not all pigment formulas and brands are created equally. The pigment composition significantly affects its colour stability, and low-quality pigments are likely to change colour quickly.

Is permanent makeup colour correction for me?

Whether you have a tattoo that has faded to a colour that's too warm, too cool, red, green, blue/greyish, purple, or you aren't satisfied with the colour of your brows but don't want removal, then a brow cosmetic tattoo refresher is the alternative.

However, there is one exception, which has to do with the saturation of old pigments. If the brows are so saturated they look like a block of dark colour; then colour correction may be too difficult. In this case, removal may be necessary first.

How do you perform the colour correction?

We use a PMU machine and shading technique with a carefully chosen corrector shade over the target area.

We first choose the right shade by finding the opposite colour on the colour wheel. Then, we consider your skin tone, undertone (warm, cool, or neutral), skin type (oily skin can affect colour shifting), and the composition of the pigments.

We implant the corrector over the old pigment; this is done gradually and in several passes. We like to take things slow to avoid making a colour mistake and potentially make things worse. The drawback is that you may need multiple correction sessions. Once the colour has been neutralised to brownish, we can apply the desired shade.

Eyebrow colour correction is a shading technique. Unfortunately, this means it cannot maintain the definition of microblading strokes; therefore, a powder or ombre brow effect is a must. Still, we can combine it with additional strokes for a combo brow effect.

Remember, colour correct uses a corrector pigment; it does not remove an old tattoo. We can cover old tattoos if they have faded by 50% or more, but we cannot cover very dark and saturated tattoos.

Brows faded by 70% or more

This is a relatively simple procedure with just 3-4 layers shaded onto the old pigment using the desired corrector followed by the desired final colour.

Brows faded by 50%-70%

If your old tattoo is very dark and saturated, we may need to shade 5-6 layers using only the corrector pigment to offset the old colour. You might need 2-3 touch-up sessions to completely correct and neutralise the old tattoo. Once the old pigment has been neutralised to the desired level, we can add the target colour.

To check if you're a candidate for colour correction, book a consult with us at our micropigmentation studio in Estepona and let us assess your old tattoo.

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