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Saline Tattoo Removal - How Many Sessions Will It Take?

A question I´m asked all the time is, "How many sessions will it take to remove/lighten my tattoo?"

As simple as it may seem, I can´t give you a specific answer. Several factors affect how many removal sessions a client might need. Below are a few points that can narrow it down to a solid guestimate.

Sessions for saline tattoo removal

How deep was the pigment implanted?

This is an important point, as the saline works off the osmosis process by pulling the ink out. Therefore, if the pigment is implanted very deeply, it will take longer to reach the skin's surface.

How saturated is the pigment?

Saturation is crucial in determining the number of saline removal sessions you'll need. And what is saturation? It's the amount of pigment and colour in a tattoo. So the more pigment the previous artist implanted into the skin, the more sessions you will need.

What colour is the pigment you are removing?

Colour is a key factor in how many sessions you will need. Different colours will remove more quickly than others.

  • Carbon (the smallest molecular pigment) can usually be removed the fastest.

  • Titanium (white pigment) is the largest molecular pigment and, therefore, is the "heaviest" colour to remove.

What is your skin type?

Your skin type is also a determining factor. Is it oily? Mature? Do you have big pores? These important points will influence the number of sessions it will take.

Are you carefully following the aftercare protocol?

The healing process is essential in saline removal/lightning. Make sure you follow proper aftercare instructions, or it could have a profound effect on the progress of your tattoo removal.

It's essential to manage expectations, as saline tattoo removal is a journey; trust the process.

I use a safe and effective saline lightening solution for the removal/lightening of tattoos. If you have any questions, then feel free to book a free consultation at my studio near Cancelada, Estepona.


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